Thursday, May 15, 2014

Look like a goddess May 17

May 17 | 11am-5PM
Open House
Global goddess fashions
and jewelry
2318 E. Fernwood Ave.    414-482-8971
2 streets south of Oklahoma     3 houses east of Kinnikinic
Benefit Boutique for Kayla’s Krew

Join us this Saturday!  Open house, starting at 11:00 am. Sunni Boehme’s- Global Goddess Salon, located inside Sunni’s home.  Proceeds donated to Kayla’s Krew. 

The mission of Kayla’s Krew is to build an all-inclusive, all-accessible playground in Franklin, WI.  The playground will facilitate compassion and acceptance among children of all ages and abilities. To learn more or get involved, please visit 

How can my life get better?

How can MY life get better ?

 1.      Evaluate……what is the truth about my life right now?   

2.     How do I feel about it ?            In all 8 areas

Health and appearance

Home and car

Career/ Job

Finances/ Wealth building

Social/ Friends and family

Romance….primary relationship

Fun and leisure….how do you nourish and restore yourself

Spiritual connection and growth….reading, church/or spiritual community/Volunteering

3.       What are my top 3 priorities ?  (This Week)

4.      What Action can I take this week to change this for the better?

5.      Who can help make this easier… there an expert or a friend I need to ask for help?

6.      Am I able to receive help gracefully?    Or do I have to do everything myself?

7.      What do I need to change in my patterns to make my life easier?  Ie. be on time,  make a list of 3 things to accomplish each day,  say I am sorry, tell people I appreciate them,  don’t over book myself,  take time to relax, praise myself for my goals achieved each day. (before I make the next list)

8.      Call Sunni for a jump start and positive energy and encouragement  414-482-8971

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Fruit basket upset to realignment

Sometimes your day has to go into "fruit basket upset" before it can realign in perfect order.

That's what happened to my week.  On Monday I looked at my schedule and it didn't have an extra minute for anything.  I was so booked that it felt overwhelming because I knew I had to pack and organize everything for my trip to Atlanta for my PHD graduation next week.   I was happy to look at my calendar and see that each day was filled with client sessions and meetings that were important in my career.....but where was I going to fit in getting my nails done for the trip, packing, paying bills, and visiting a friend in the hospital who had surgery ?????     that's when the universe started realigning things for me.......

Each day appointments rescheduled…..something that rarely ever happens to me.   People were sick or children were sick or ……poof.  Clients cleared out spaces and I had to learn how to surf.   Ahhhhh I said as I saw a 2 hour time slot open up to get my nails done. 

Tuesday night I hurt my back at 11pm and left a message on my Chiropractors phone with an agonized …”Help”   She called me at 7am and could fit me in at 9am so that I could make my next appointment at 10.

Wednesday…. only one client held her appointment and I found that I had time to wash all my clothes and organize my suitcase….well in advance of my usual night before deadline.

I had to ship some clothes from my Global goddess boutique because the Ministers love my easy care, classy and never wrinkle clothes.  Shipping costs were well over $200 and I still had the racks to ship…..a real conundrum.   Then I remembered that Judith and Gillian were driving and I asked if they could take them…..YES!  I was thrilled and Judith’s dear husband  Ron picked up the racks and created a special carrying case for them…bless his heart!  

 The Universe is aligning in my favor and it’s happening fast and furiously.  Whew!  I breathe in and say….My life is joy, ease and abundance.  ….and all the right people are in all the right places and so am I.

So much that was causing me overwhelm is now off my list already and I am filled with joy at the people who are helping me and even with the clients who changed their appointments  because……Sometimes   TIME is more valuable than MONEY.  

 I needed the time more than the money to give me peace of mind.

That’s what I call surfing.    I wasn’t upset with anyone I just saw it all as opportunity for something that needed my attention more to happen.

I even had time today to get my car washed and completely cleaned out and detailed because I was waiting for something at the bank next door.   Everything in perfect alignment and all I had to do was be flexible and go with the flow…  

Happy Surfing.

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

concrete angel shovels snow

Have you ever seen a cement angel shoveling snow?

My miracle for today. I looked out my front window today to see a man shoveling my side walk. I was shocked and happy. here's the story. Last week My basement was leaking and I hired Steve Tatro....from the Foundation Man to dig up the inside of my basement and install drain tile. This house is 93 yrs. old and they didn't know about drain tile then. So last week Steve showed up a couple of days with his darling "Artemis" dig in and help wife. (because the kid he hired didn't show up) She was amazing. A little tiny scrappy blonde with fire red painted fingernails and nothing stopped her. Hammering, carrying heavy buckets up the basement stairs. She was unstoppable. Today Steve the concrete man returned to finish up the job and there he was shoveling my sidewalk. He didn't just shovel the side to get his equipment in ....he shoveled the entire front side walk and all the way back to my garage. Now tell that not a concrete angel? If you need a foundation guy call Steve 414-766-9920 he and his wife Bridget are a pretty amazing team. Oh and he needs a reliable guy to hire to help him. Tell him Sunni "paid it forward"

Accept people who they are.

I had to really practice this when I was in the Muslim villages in Turkey. I was a guest in their village and I had no right to try to teach them anything different. I would have been stoned for teaching women's empowerment. So I just honored them and their beliefs and I looked for the good in their way of life. It was a very interesting journey "Diary of a Turkish Wedding" on you can read the first 2 chapters for free.

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

from Rev.Atkins...insight

From  Rev. Jacquiline Atkins....founder of the Gold Rush Womens conference  (7 years)
Sunni's insight as how to "choose" to live a wonderful life and then to actually live it, is absolutely phenomenal! "Mirror, Mirror..." is a must read for everybody, but especially for any woman who thinks that she is "stuck" where she does not want to be! I am soooooooo glad that Sunni has registered to be at The GOLD Rush Women's Conference 2014, Mar 7-9 at Hyatt Lisle. Join her there. Check out the conference at
it's possible that every woman will be giving a copy of "Mirror,Mirror" at the conference.  We are seeking sponsors now who want to have a page of advertising in her book.

for all teenage girls over 16

Dear Sunni:

I want to thank you personally for sharing your story in Diary of a Turkish Wedding.  As a mother who has been divorced twice, I have had so much guilt around leaving both husbands when I knew that I deserved being treated with respect.  I want my children to know that they deserve more in relationships too.  I really wanted my daughter at 16.5 to read this but I knew she wouldn’t if I asked her.  As I read the book, she wanted to know what it was about because she felt ignored.  I told her it was an adult book that I did not think she should read. 

As soon as I was done with it she grabbed it and started reading it.  She even took it to school with her to share with her friends.  I am waiting to hear her thoughts when she is ready but she told me she really liked it so far.  I believe this book should be read by all mothers and shared with girls in all high schools.  It is important for daughters to know that relationships can change and they can take care of themselves.

Cassandra Wind